Nothing has really changed here, to be honest. Jealousy is something that we deal with every day. I know I do. Coming off of 2015, a really really bad year for us at SideStreet and Moon Rose, watching others move forward when we are regaining ground we’d already conquered has been especially hard. But we’re still here, and that’s the most important part.

Today, we are going to talk about something that every author goes through and it never really stops. Jealousy. It happens to the best of us. You’re taking a break from your WIP, scrolling through Facebook or Twitter or whatever social media site, and that’s when you see something like this:

AuthorDoingBetterThanMe: Ahhhhh! My latest novel, MY SUPER AWESOME TITLE, just hit #1 in PAID Kindle sales!

AuthorWhoCan’tStopBragging: After weeks of keeping it under wraps, I am now happy to announce that I just signed with YOUR DREAM AGENT!!! *SQUEEEEE* I have an agent! #YouDont #Sucker

AnotherBraggingAuthor: I have THE BEST street team in the WORLD! They just sent me a bottle of imported champagne. #funfact I’m not bragging, but this is one of THE MOST expensive bottles in the world. HAHA! #ImAlreadyRich #IWantAllTheMoney

Okay, these might be a LITTLE over exaggerated, but I’ve seen variations of each of them and every time I see posts like this, my teeth clench together and I can’t help but think, “Why do they NEED to be bestsellers if they already have money? I’m trying to buy a house and get married and get my dog groomed. These are things they do EVERY WEEK! They’re hogging all the paying readers!” Yeah, okay. Another exaggeration.

The thing is, every time the green monster gets hold of me, it doesn’t only make me resentful and pissy, it makes it hard for me to work. It dries up my creativity for as long as I choose to dwell on it.

Don’t let another author’s success keep you from yours. Close Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. I know it’s hard, but you don’t really NEED to be on there, anyway. You’re writing a book. That’s not easy. Focus on you, not on someone else’s apparent success.


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