Rescue animals need love too. That’s why these nine authors got together to write stories that will warm your heart and entertain. All proceeds will go to animal shelters to help take care of and save the lives of the animals that may become your next family member. There’s a little something for everyone.


Taisheena Rayne

Win, Place or Show

Kendall Watts is excited to open PawPaws Puppy Pieces and move into her new house. What she doesn’t count on is a stray dog disrupting her life in more than one way.

Jeffery Stevens is content with his lot in life. He loves volunteering to help abused animals. He isn’t looking for love, but then again he didn’t expect his dog to stray into the neighbor’s yard.



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About The Author
She is a koala bear sleeping between 18 to 22 hours per day, just ask her (grown) kids.
She has always loved to read. She loves how you can be in another world, where heroes always succeed and romance blooms.
Now she creates her own worlds where heroines can save the day, love survives and maybe just maybe, dragons are the good guys.

Find him online at:



WRite to Rescue – Win, Place, or Show – Taisheena Rayne
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