harveys humming bird coverFollowing Magda Canady’s confession to her fiancé Beckman that she’s in love with his twin brother, she heads back home to deal with moving out and figure out what to do with her traitorous best friend. Who sleeps with the man her best friend is in love with? Apparently, Cait does. Forgiveness isn’t going to come easy.

Unable to deal with the truth, Beckman decides it’s time for drastic measures. He’s never been reckless in his life, but on the night he loses the one thing that makes him happy, he feels the need for drastic measures. He just didn’t mean to run into the tree quite that hard. With broken ribs and some bumps and bruises, he flies home to try and salvage what’s left of his life.

This is a follow up novella to Shaggy Maggie. It is best read second in the series.



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Harvey’s Hummin’bird (ShagMag #1.5) by Tyffani C. Kemp

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