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To understand the marketing behind independent books, it’s important to know what indie publishing is and isn’t. There are some misconceptions about indie pub. Even now that it has become so popular, people judge the industry based on these misconceptions. It isn’t fair to be held to a standard that traditionally published authors aren’t, but we once heard it said, “Fair is where you take your pig.” So, we’d like to attempt to clear up some of these misconceptions.

#1 – Indie Publishing isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

Many people get into indie publishing with the misunderstanding that they can write a book in a few days, hit publish, and make a million dollars on opening weekend. While that seemed to happen a lot in the beginning, that is no longer the case. There are authors who have been at this indie publishing gig for years who are no closer to becoming millionaires than the next guy. That doesn’t mean it’s not a lucrative job or that you can’t pay your bills off of your sales. But it requires a lot of time and hard work. The rushed, written-to-make-money books clog up the works and make it hard for everyone to succeed.

#2 – Indie Publishing isn’t a bunch of people who couldn’t make it in the traditional world.

This something that makes indie authors the most angry. Yes, there are authors who spent years submitting to hundreds of agents only to meet with rejection and indie publishing was the key to their success. But this is not the norm, and by that point a manuscript has been rewritten enough times that it should be the best draft that it’s going to be. Most indie authors decide to go indie because they don’t like the practices of traditional publishing. They want to keep the money they make instead of giving it away to the hundreds of middle men it takes to publish in the traditional world. But that doesn’t mean that indie authors don’t put a lot of hard work into their craft.

#3 – Indie Publishing isn’t an excuse to not hire an editor.

This is another thing that makes indies angry. We spend a lot of money on editors and too much time working with critique partners and beta readers for comments like that not to sting. No one is going to catch every single mistake. Additionally, the same mistakes that are ignored in traditionally published books are nitpicked and criticized in indie published books. We take great pride in our work and to have it written off so easily based on misconceptions can cause the most confident person to want to give up.

#4 – Indie Publishing isn’t the gateway to trad pub.

Sure, it happens. Many indie authors have met success with finding agents and getting published traditionally. There’s no denying that. And, of course, there’s the almighty hybrid author. But an author has to sell a boat load of books to catch an agent’s eye and that’s no easy task these days.

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Monday Morning Marketing Mojo – What Indie Publishing Isn’t

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