As a publisher, the hardest thing to get authors to do is to promote themselves. They have this image in their minds that self-promotion means grabbing people virtually by the shoulders and shaking them until they do what they want, but that’s not the case. Self-promotion can take many forms, but for today we’re going to discuss a few things that it isn’t.

#1. Self-Promotion is NOT shouting “BUY MY BOOK!” Please don’t do this. It’s not going to get you what you want. This just irritates people and is a surefire way to guarantee that no one will buy your book.

#2. Self-Promotion is NOT spamming social media with your book covers and links. People will start to ignore you and your spam will start to have the opposite effect than you want it to.

#3. Self-Promotion is NOT whining about lack of sales. No one likes a whiner. It might get you what you want for a little bit, but people will eventually get annoyed.

Self-promotion is absolutely necessary to success for an indie author, so it imperative that we do it right. Next week we will talk about some forms of self-promotion.

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Monday Morning Marketing Mojo – What Self-Promotion Isn’t
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