Marketing strategies that work.

I’m sure everyone’s opinions are different and after 4 years I can tell you that no one solution works for everyone. What works great for one author might not work at all for another. But below are a few that I have found can have a certain amount of benefit for anyone.

Newsletter campaigns:

Your newsletter is your foundation for marketing success. The people on your list are people who want to know everything about your product. They are your customers and your newsletter is a direct line to them. Some ways to obtain subscribers.

  • Have the sign up link for your newsletter everywhere, on your website, social media profiles, amazon author page, goodreads etc.
  • Have a sign up form available at in person events.
  • Lead Generation Ads (this is my top choice) Not techy? No fear, you can either hire someone to do this for you, like me. Or there are some fantastic how to resources out there, like The Self Publishing Formula, where you will find free instructions on how to set these up.
  • Participate in bulk giveaways to gather subscribers.

Stacking paid promotions (Bookbub, Freebooksy):

Do not give up on trying to get in on a Bookbub. If you get denied keep resubmitting within their allowed timeframe.

Yay you’ve been accepted for a Bookbub promotion, now what? STACK IT, that means sign up for other promotions to run in succession to your Bookbub. Use similar services like Freebooksy/Barginbooksy, Fussy Librarian, Robin Reads, etc. in the days immediately following your Bookbub promotion.

Paid Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads):

The right paid advertising is hands down the best marketing for your book. Facebook ads are quite powerful. They can also run you broke if you do not know what you are doing. I do not recommend just jumping into them blindly. There are plenty of services and self-help places out there to guide you through paid advertising. DRC Promotions offers a package for running Facebook Ads for Authors. For those who rather do it themselves, the guys over at The Self Publishing Formula are amazing and have a course designed to teach you how to run Facebook Ads.

But, Drue you’re a Blog Tour operator, what about tours?

Ahh Blog Tours, Cover Reveals, Media Blitz’s. These have plenty of benefits, they are great for getting your book title out to the masses and helping you find reviewers for your book. But I do not believe they really have much of an effect on sales for the long haul. Yes, you will get some sales during these tours. But don’t expect them to sell a great number of books for you.

Does this mean you shouldn’t bother with them? Absolutely not. During your release week, depending on the tour operator you chose you could potentially get hundreds if not thousands of people posting and talking about your book. It’s not just the blogs that sign up to participate that help, it’s their followers who like, comment and share that blogs post as well. And usually tour operators have a great number of reviewers available to them, and having reviews post for your book during release week is a fantastic way to showcase your book. Nothing motivates buyers more than the word of another.

What about Free promotions?

I’m talking about any type of promotion that you do not have to pay for. Do they work? My answer is, not really. You cannot successfully market your book through free promotions. They may give you a boost for a day or so but that is not a successful marketing plan, and trying to do that all the time for your book will do nothing but take away significant hours from your writing. Being an Author is a business, and you must run it like a business and that includes REINVESTING in your business. One piece of advice I always give to those starting out is; Do not include your income from book sales a part of your household income. Reinvest it back into your books. If you made $100 last month in book sales, use that $100 the following month for marketing. If you have a good product (well written books) and you continually reinvest in it, eventually you should start seeing profits over the cost of producing your book and marketing it. However, here are a few free things you can do that may help:

  • Goodreads, learn it! Use it! Goodreads has a vast number of things that are free to utilize. Giveaways – they only cost you the price of your paperback and shipping it to the winner. They are free to run and Goodreads basically does all the work for you except ship out the book to the winner. Additionally, anyone when a user enters your giveaway your book gets added to their TBR list, that then shows up in their goodreads feed for all to see.If you blog, link your blog to Goodreads as well so that all your follower there also see your blog posts.

    Goodreads Events: These can be used for a number of events both virtual and in person. Have a giveaway running on your website or Facebook? Create a Goodreads event for it as well and notify all your followers of it and encourage them to share it with their followers as well.

    These are just a few of the things you can do with Goodreads for free, there are many more options for you to explore there.


  • Free book lists – If you have a book on sale or are running a free download promotion for it, there are several list services out there that are free. Booklover’s Haven and are a couple that come to mind that will list your promotion in their email lists for free. Each has their own rules and restrictions be sure to read those before submitting your book.


Drue Hoffman is the owner of DRC Promotions and DRC Designs. And has worked with authors at all levels from #1 NYT & USAT Bestsellers to ones just starting their writing careers.

DRC assists with everything from book production to marketing including but not limited to graphic design, website design, book formatting, Facebook Advertising, Blog Tours and more.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I love to chat and hear about new books and authors I have yet to discover.

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