5 Marketing Tips from USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Presley & owner of Book Enthusiast Promotions


  1. Be super organized and you’ll see why below!
  2. Blogs: Follow them, interact with them and introduce yourself to them. Start this early. Yes, it is a lot of work but it will be so worth it when you are ready to publish. I suggest starting a spreadsheet to keep track of blog names, URL links and the name(s) of the person or people who run the blog. I can’t stress enough how you should address bloggers by their names.
  3. Reviews: They are so important and so very difficult to get. Ask those blogs you’ve established relationships with to review but please don’t send some blanket form message or group email to them. Make it personal; check out their blog – do they have directions on how to submit a review request? Do your homework. You can also seek the help of a company like mine – Book Enthusiast Promotions we offer authors several options to get reviews. We have a co-op on NetGalley, a review service called The Library and a brand new Goodreads Review Group that has over 600 readers in it. We also offer events that you can add a review option like a blog tour.
  4. This one might seem like a no-brainer but I can’t tell you how many authors don’t do this. Get yourself on social media! You don’t have to be everywhere but be somewhere and be easy to find. Here’s my suggestion: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads. I also think having a website that’s yours is important. I know it can be expensive but it is worth it.
  5. To go along with tip #4: Fill in your bio and add all your social media URL links on all those sites. If you are going to create a website add those links on your sidebar or main page and make sure they work! Have a friend check them to be 100% sure. So many authors don’t send correct, working URL links to me (either for my blog – The Book Enthusiast – or for Book Enthusiast Promotions). You can also create or have someone create a sell sheet. These can be used to give out to bloggers or to print out and used as marketing materials for you to give out.


Good luck and remember to enjoy it all! You’ve published a book and that’s so exciting and a huge accomplishment!


Debra Presley is a USA Today Bestselling author and native New Yorker who made her escape to the suburbs. She often returns to her hometown to visit her favorite deli for a bagel with butter, because there’s no better bagel than a New York bagel. When not in search of bagels, Debra spends her time running Book Enthusiast Promotions, an online promotions company that helps indie authors spread the word about their books. She’s also the owner of The Book Enthusiast blog. She started writing lyrics in her wall-to-wall NKOTB bedroom at the tender age of thirteen while dreaming of the day she’d become Mrs. Jordan Knight. That dream never came to fruition, but she has continued to write.


Monday Morning Marketing Mojo – 5 Marketing Tips from USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Presley

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